Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chunky Jewel Cuff Bracelet

After making the bracelets I featured on my last post, I made another bracelet... a cuff bracelet... for me again :)
It turned out a little chunky for my taste but I was happy I was finally able to use that wire cuff bracelet frame I bought a loooooong time ago. You see back when I was running an online store selling accessories, I bought a couple of wire bracelet cuff frames because I wanted to try making wire jewelry. It turned out to be too meticulous for me so I abandoned the idea. Last weekend I saw the cuff frame again and decided to use it. I didn't want to use wire... that didn't work out too well for me last time. Luckily, since then, I have discovered felt and glue! Yey!!

For this project I used:
  • Wire cuff bracelet frame
  • 5 plastic gems (torn out of their setting from an old elastic bangle)
  • 2 different sizes of pearl beads.
  • Felt (not shown in the photo)
  • Glue gun.
Step 1. I glued felt on the outer part of the cuff bracelet frame.

Step 2. To make the gem embellishments, I glued a plastic gem to a piece of felt and then glued small pearls around it and cut off the excess felt.

Hmmm... pretty! I think these would also look great as a brooch or pendant.

Repeat Step 2 until you have enough embellishment to cover the cuff bracelet frame. I made 5 for my cuff.

Step 3. Glue one of the embellishments to the center of the cuff bracelet frame. Once you have established the center, you can glue the other pearls and embellishment on the cuff bracelet frame until you cover entire frame.


I have one more cuff frame in my stash...

I will need a new design for this. Stay tuned!



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