Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crown of Flowers Headband

I think my daughter is slowly discovering she's a girl...

Case in point... she knows what earrings are for. When she sees my earrings, she would take them and touch them to her ear. She can't put them on yet, of course, but she knows what they are for. And then... there was last weekend. My closet door was open and Andrea was standing in front of it. I turned my back for a few seconds to turn off the water heater for her bath and when I looked at her again:
... she had my handbag... and knows how to carry it too! :)
And her recent addiction... headbands! We first noticed that she keeps looking at her nanny's pretty rhinestone studded headband. So one day, nanny put it on Andrea... and then Andrea smiled and was all giggly and kept touching the headband on her head. Since she didn't like headbands before... I don't buy those for her... but she has a few costume headbands which she's never used so I decided to make a pretty headband for her using those.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the process... I didn't have a plan... I just kept grabbing what I think will match the color scheme I started with and then gluing them directly on the headband. The finished product?
The pink headband I used had Minnie Mouse ears. I tore off the ears and the ribbon which were glued to the headband. As a result... the headband has glue marks the entire length of the top part so I decided to cover all that with different types of flowers.

Here's a short description of each flower I used:

First flower from the left: 7 flower-shaped beads glued to a piece of baby pink felt. After gluing, I cut around the beads to remove excess felt.

Second Flower from the left: I cut a flower shape from a piece of pink felt. And the I cut a slightly smaller flower shape from the fabric used on the Minnie Mouse ears I removed (I don't know what it's called but the fabric was sort of furry and glittery). I layered both flower shapes and glued 3 gray pearl beads in the middle.

The flower in the middle: This one is my favorite! I have a lot of those clear glass petal-shaped beads and I've had them for a while. Anyway, I glued 8 pieces of them on a piece of pink felt. I glued a clear rhinestone in the middle. And then I cut off the excess felt from all sides.

The fourth flower from the left: That big hot pink flower with a big rhinestone on top and smaller rhinestones on the petals is actually an old hair clip of Andrea's.

The fifth flower from the left: A rolled flower like what I did here. I glued a gray pearl bead in the center.

Andrea loved it! I wasn't able to take a photo of her wearing it because I wanted to dress her for a photo shoot... and she was too busy playing and refused to have her clothes changed. Maybe next time.

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Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Your blog is quickly turning into one of my very faves.

This is extremely late notice, but I would LOVE for you to guest post on my blog for a series I am doing the week of April 10th. It's called Spring Fling and all tutorials/recipes/organizational tips should be spring inspired. Let me know if you are interested in participating in something like this :) I can give you more details then.