Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anthro-Inspired Necklace: Into the Woods

Summer here in my country starts early... we usually expect sunny skies and hot-hot-hot temperature starting March (though we were told that our forecast this year will be a very short and wet summer due to La NiƱa). And since my mom is under the impression that I'm her personal accessories-designer, she has been bugging me lately for wood-themed necklaces for summer. I still had a couple from when I had my online store so I gave her those, and then I remembered seeing this from the Anthropologie website:

Anthropologie - Into the Woods Necklace

So I made her one. The only wood beads I had on had are painted black and I didn't have printed ribbon like the ones used in the original so I used black satin ribbon. Here's how mine turned out:

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