Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Quest: Day 0

Last June 29, I had an epiphany and decided that I am (finally!) going on a diet.

I went hungry that day.

But aside from getting hungry, I also decided that I should start an exercise regime of some sort. Since it's the current popular sport, I chose running.

I sent an instant message to my husband that I was meeting him at the mall after work that day because I wanted to buy running shoes. Supportive guy, he didn't even ask me what I wanted it for :)

I get distracted by a lot of things when I'm at the mall, however, so it took a while before we finally got to the business of getting my running shoes. And I wanted brownies for dessert during dinner (I am... weak) so I was having second thoughts about my epiphany and was starting to lose interest in running shoes. But my husband, probably liking the thought of not having to run alone anymore, was pushing me to get the task over and done with. So with 10 minutes before closing time, I picked a pair, tried it on, and paid for it.

This is what I got:I picked one of the cheaper models of Adidas. I initially wanted to get a pricier one to force me to use it. But since at the time of purchase, I was beginning to lose my resolve, I decided not to risk future "I-told-you-so's" from my husband.


Jerome said...

Good luck Janelle. Don't think of it as a (temporary) diet, it's starting to eat right. So don't punish yourself, think how you plan to eat healthier for the rest of your life while enjoying it. Hope this helps!

Janelle said...

So hard to give up junk food, aarrrgghh!! X(