Tuesday, June 29, 2010

THE QUEST: It's time...

Three years, 8 months and 1 day after I got married... and 8 months 10 days after I had Andrea... I think it's time...

... to go on another diet.



I told you, I am!!

First Nudge: May 2010, during annual physical exam.
BP = 130/80. Uh... Hmmm... ok... my usual blood pressure is only 90/70 so 130/80 is high for me. I took my blood pressure a few weeks ago and it's still 130/80.

2nd Nudge: 2 weeks ago... mom gave me a size 3? (let's keep some things secret, shall we?) pair of jeans. It fit me!! Waaaaahhh!! *faints*

3rd Nudge: Last night, stepping on the weighing scale. Arrrrggghh!! I weigh the same as I did last December. I am not losing weight!!! (Not that I'm doing anything to lose it... but I was hoping...)


It's been a while since I went on a diet (or exercised regularly for that matter). I can pinpoint the exact date actually... the day after I got married. I figured that since I am married, I might get pregnant anytime and will get fat anyway so I deserve a diet holiday. That diet holiday lasted 3 years. And now it's time for retribution.

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