Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Quest: Day 8

My body is thinking of all the wonderful things it wants to eat... and I'm giving it bitter green tea and wheat crackers X(

It's been 8 days since D-Day (Diet Day??) and until now, I haven't quite started yet.

The running shoes remain unused (for running at least... I used it to go to work yesterday just so they'd get some use).
My Air Climber is still dusty under a bed in the spare room.

The only thing I've succeeded in doing so far is avoiding junk food during office hours (not even for an entire day... arrrggghh!!) and stopped storing junk food at home (for how long I wonder?). I haven't stepped on a weighing scale yet to see if any of these efforts actually had an effect.


m-dramatique said...

Janelle, what's your diet plan exactly? share, share, share please :D im so fat na :(

Janelle said...

Ehem... the plan is (please note that I said "plan"... plan pa lang, haha) I just avoid chocolates and chips for now. As in naging staple food ko na kasi yun and alam kong isa yun sa malaking factors kung bakit +30lbs ako ngayon. Also, whenever I get hungry, I drink green tea :-/ Sabi kasi nila may L-carnitine daw (at may free green tea bags sa pantry namin). It doesn't make me happy pero I'm hoping masanay na lang ako.

El said...

Try mo kumain ng fruits and nuts for snacks. And effective nga if you don't keep junk food at home.