Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting to know "Kelly"

I'm still obsessing about Andrea's dolls.

Yesterday, I accidentally* discovered the identities of her 3 "Kelly's". I initially called them all Kelly because I have yet to find out who (in Barbie's World of Pink) they were. Well, they turned out to be all Kelly :)
*I say accidentally because I was looking for something else when I saw their pictures online.

These are the 3 Kelly dolls I initially posted:

The one on the right and the one on the left are both Hearts and Kisses Kelly. Here's what they looked like originally:

The one in the middle is Cloud Princess Kelly (in Pink) from Barbie's The Magic of Pegasus series:

We also have the horse (minus the wings), but I gave it to Helaena (all horses and My Little Pony dolls went to Helaena's stash because she likes horses). Hmmm... maybe I can get it back... hehe. The hair on that horse is pretty tangled up though.

Aside from messy hair and missing footwear, I think the dolls we have are still in pretty good condition. About the hair, I've been frequenting the Barbie section of toy stores lately and I discovered that there is a hair detangler product for Barbie dolls!

There is a review and video of this product from the Toy Guy here. It's a bit expensive though: P899 (around $20) for the set. It might make the job of restoring the hair of our dolls easier though so I just might... (and MG might just kill me if he finds out I "wasted" money again).

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nicquee said...

Well he won't probably kill you if he sees Andrea giggling as she plays with her Kelly dolls. ;)