Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekends are precious

Things I am looking forward to doing this weekend:
  • Watch "Eclipse"
  • Watch "Toy Story 3"
  • Watch "Shrek The Final Chapter" --> pushing it too far I guess, I don't think this movie is still showing but I really do want to watch this :( I've missed so many movies.
  • Visit the Forever 21 store that just opened at Megamall.
  • Not be sick.
I have been sick the past 2 weekends. Nope, not the past 2 weeks... for some reason, it just starts during the weekends X(.

Two weeks ago, I a sore throat started Saturday afternoon which turned unbearable in the evening. Sunday morning greeted me with a splitting headache that won't go away even with the pills and tablets I was popping every hour. I started taking antibiotics Monday and started feeling better during the week. Came Friday and I thought I was fine.

Until I woke up Saturday with a slight cough... which got worse during the day and by evening, I can literally feel the cough and cold taking hold of my body. I was bed ridden Sunday. Monday came and though I was feeling a little off, I decided to go to work anyway. Day by day, and I can feel myself getting better. I still have a slight cough and cold today but nothing that will keep me bed ridden tomorrow (I hope!).

So there, I haven't had a chance to do anything much the past 2 weekends except be sick. I hope I can finally take a break this weekend.

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