Friday, July 24, 2009

Project Nursery - Part 2

Technically, there aren't any updates about this project yet. I just want to post the design inspiration I picked for our nursery.

I got it from this site.

Pretty huh? I find myself being partial to blue and yellow lately (our bedroom is painted blue and white, and my living room motiff is yellow and blue).

My nursery space is a bit smaller and will only contain the built-in closet, a single bed (I don't think the baby will really sleep there... the room is only for his/her stuff), a table and a small shelf but I plan to get design elements from the photo above. The ceiling painted to look like a cloudy sky, for example (I'm still trying to get my husband to do the painting). And then, I will get this light from IKEA (I hope it's still available at the local distributor.)

And since we are not re-painting the walls, I can do some stenciling!! :) (If it turns out badly, then maybe we will decide to repaint, hehe).


nicquee said...

i love the design!

Janelle said...

Oo nga e, sana magaya no? (at minimum budget kasi sa totoo lang, walang budget para dyan... nagpipilit lang ako, haha) :D

beng said...


Stenciling sounds/looks fun. I've always been meaning to do it. hanap lang ako design. :D