Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Housewife Chronicles - EPILOGUE

NOTE: Days 10 to 17 were uneventful. Just more of the usual cleaning, laundry, and cooking mishaps all housewives have to go through to perfect their craft.


NOTE AGAIN: Ok that’s a lie. The author just got tired of documenting her days when she discovered being a housewife wasn’t all what she expected it to be. It is one thing to be a wife inside the house (which of course, she was), and another thing entirely to be the wife inside the house that has to do everything. She discovered allergies she never knew existed… broom allergies, cooking pan allergies, etc.


NOTE AGAIN, LAST: And washing machines! She’s allergic to washing machines and flat irons too.





I started my new job on March 12, ending my brief stint as a part-time-housewife-part-time-bum. Now, 6 months after my domestic realizations, nothing much has changed. I still can’t cook. I gave up feigning interest in laundry (we now bring our laundry to a nearby laundromat for washing and pressing). I’m still using the same telecom provider, out of some perverted loyalty that arises from the fact that I know my friends who chose to stay there work really, REALLY hard to provide me and the other 24,999,999 subscribers this service. But on the other hand, the business I started is doing well! My wardrobe got a major overhaul. And my floor is still clean!!! So I can honestly say it’s not all bad :)


I am calling an agency this weekend to get household help.


Liz Halili said...

hehehe. nice! Ako din Janelle may allergies. hahahaha

MG and Janelle Daproza said...

Hehehe. Housewife ka pa din ba? Or back to work na ulit? :)

Liz Halili said...

back to work. developer by day, housewife by night. hehehe