Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Housewife Chronicles - Day 1


These were written during the 17 days I was between jobs. I am only able to post it now because I just remembered I had this the other night. I will be posting one entry per day :)




Day 1… Zero hour… been looking forward to this day for weeks since I arrived at my decision to quit my job as a Software Development slash Business Analyst (I don’t even know what I do or what they’re calling me anymore) for a leading telecom company’s IT department.


I had a lot of things planned for this day: ironing (which I’ve put off the last couple of weeks); general cleaning of the house specifically the 2 upstairs bedrooms (see Figure 1); shopping, since it’s been a while since I last gave serious thought to my wardrobe (I have this spur-of-the-moment-purchases-wardrobe going on); and my new hobby: jewelry-making!


Figure 1.


But hey… as I said, first day. I can start living the Tao/Confucian/Zen or whatever principle it is that states take your time. Don’t really care. No rush.


Ten AM and I find myself watching the Disney channel on TV. This… is… the LIFE! At least until this part of me that annoys me to no end kicked in.


One of my former officemates told me I had a problem with relaxing after I told her that sitting at home on weekends stresses me out because I keep thinking of all the things I had to do while watching my wall clock ticking away the seconds… which turns to minutes… which turns to hours… which… aarrgh!! I always start feeling like I’m running out of time to do the things I HAVE to do just as I’m doing the stuff I WANT to do.


Well ok, so that part kicked in. I was sitting there, watching TV peacefully when I started to feel stressed over all the things I had to do. Knowing I have plenty of time to do it made no difference. I felt I had to do something and I had to do it NOW.


I need to work on this concept, relaxation.


I started cleaning


From the kitchen, to the sala, to the spare rooms, to the bedroom!! So maybe no one will be able to open the closets in both spare rooms since that’s where I stuffed all the mess we had lying around. But hey, the house is clean. I even ironed the new bedsheets I put on the bed in our bedroom since I know I will be taking an AFTER picture.




I was done by 3PM. I had cereal for lunch since cooking has not been one of my strongest points (ok fine, cooking has never been my point), and I was too tired to go out to eat or get something to eat. I lived alone for a few years before getting married, I survived on this diet I formulated which revolved around anything ready-to-eat and doesn’t need preparation,

though seeing my groceries used to depress my mom every time she visits me.


I was tired but I was able to relax better in my now-clean house, in spite of Mt. Laundry looming in the corner which I know I have to attend to one of these days. But that story is for another day.


And so Day 1 of The Housewife Chronicles ended at 5PM with me going out to meet my friend, Cecille. Being a full-time housewife, I imagine, will be tiring and boring, and so I decided to make it an 8-5 thing only.


**END OF DAY 1**


Guys, bear with me. Day 1 is the longest entry in this series J



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MG and Janelle Daproza said...

Tawa kayo dyan, kaya nga tinigilan ko na at nagtrabaho na lang ako ulit e :)

Cecille Bocobo said...

what to do?? careerwoman ka tlga sister! :p

Ivy Mori said...

desperate housewife? hahahaha janelle, i can't really imagine.. ;)

FashionNews FashionNews said...

wow, seems being a housewife is fun and (scary) at the same time! :) hay i want to have my own version of housewife chronicle soon :) congrats again! :)

april reyes said...

ohhh my gosh... is it that hard??? ummmmm... me and my husband dearest never stay in the same roof after graduation in college he went straight to india while i stay here!! so far we see each other 10 days ever 5 months!!! i miss him a lot but, he will be back on nov!!! so better lose weight!!! we are planning to stay in india for good i wonder if i can survive being a housewife!!!! whahhaahhaahhaha

MG and Janelle Daproza said...

Naku! Better polish up on the walis-walis and laba-laba skills. Hahaha! It's hard... I was bored out of my head agad :)