Friday, September 7, 2007

The Housewife Chronicles - Day 2

DAY 2 – February 24, 2007

My grandfather died today.


My husband and I were out buying supplies for my latest hobby-turned-small-business venture when I got the news. I've been making bead jewelry since January. What started as a repair job on one of my bracelets turned into an obsession. They are really nice (ehem... ehem...) and it’s the one activity that relaxes me. I can work on it all day without getting bored, without getting tired and without eating. I make them, and my mom, my sister and my cousin sells them for me.


I first started selling when my husband started getting annoyed with all the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings I was making for me… which we both know more than half of which I will never be able to use. I was surprised with how well they sold. I was able to break even with the first batch after a couple of weeks. And the next batch sold just as well and I was getting orders. I needed to expand and I needed to find a cheaper supplier.


Hence, it’s Divisoria for me this Saturday.


I was choosing pearls when I got the call from my cousin who lives in Cagayan De Oro. She has been asking for updates on lolo since he was hospitalized so I took the call. She was crying.


I was a bit distracted by what I was doing that I didn’t get what her call was about. I guess she was too upset to talk to me much so she hung up after I kept asking her to speak louder. I didn’t really think much of it until I got a call from my mom few minutes later.

My grandfather was gone. Apparently,

my mom sent me a message earlier which I didn’t receive until a few hours after her call (I won’t even mention what telecom provider I’m using.... aaarrrggghh!).


They brought him home from the hospital after lunch and he died after they transferred him from the stretcher to his bed. I guess he just waited to get home.

My husband and I were planning to visit him at the hospital in the afternoon where he has been confined for the past 2 weeks. We should have done that in the morning. Now it's too late.

So this is how regret works.

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