Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Housewife Chronicles - Day 6

DAY 6 – February 28, 2007


Living the bum life and feeling really good about it! For the first time since I resigned, I was feeling peaceful and relaxed. The house is clean (though I find myself sweeping and mopping the floor daily now… this used to be once-a-week activities only) and I have no backlog of laundry.


I went to the gym early morning… without eating breakfast first since my husband was taking me there on his way to work and he was rushing me. Bad move, I know. I was feeling dizzy after 30 minutes on the tread mill. I thought about getting lunch first before continuing my workout but I just wanted to get it over with and get on with my day.


Feeling this good, I decided to surprise my husband with dinner. No, I am not planning to learn to cook in the few hours I have before dinner time. People like me are thankful for the technology which brought about the invention of frozen, ready-to-eat meals which you can get from any decent supermarket.


I had pesto sauce so I was planning to make cordon bleu with pesto, my favorite lunch meal combination from La Terraza at LKG. I went to the supermarket to get the cordon bleu. As my luck would have it, the supermarket was out of cordon bleu. My dinner plan was screwed. I needed a plan B.


Luckily, my plan B was sitting in the same freezer where the cordon bleu was supposed to be: frozen dinners. I chose adobo strips.


There are 3 ways of preparation choose from: oven, microwave, and pan-heat. I chose heating it in the frying pan since it was the most difficult and I wanted to be able to say I “prepared” dinner and leave it to my husband’s interpretation what that meant. I threw away the packaging and made sure it was buried in the trash so he won’t see it.


The packaging said I should cook it in the frying pan for 20-22 minutes if I was cooking from frozen. Being the trusting person that I am… I did as told. I left it in the pan for 20 minutes while I watched TV.


Popping sounds from the kitchen was my first indication that everything was not going as it should… Darn, it was only 15 minutes!! Why can’t things do what they are supposed to do? The packaging lied!!!


Good thing the meat didn’t really burn. The part that touched the pan was a bit overcooked (not burned, mind you), but overall, it was ok.


And it was good. My husband asked me from which cookbook I got it from (we have about a dozen cookbooks… my husband likes cooking ;) Yay me!!) and I said it was a secret and that he should just appreciate that I cooked for him.


Well, it was a good try. Apparently, he really doesn’t trust my cooking skills… after dinner, while I was doing the dishes, he dug around in our trash looking for telltale signs of the dinner I prepared.


He found the box.

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