Friday, November 9, 2012

Where's Papa Smurf? (Christmas Edition)

Tree time!!

In keeping with my annual tradition, we set up our tree during our 4-day long weekend to commemorate All Saint's Day. Though my tree looks pretty much the same as last year's...

View last year's post here.
... I added a few things to make it interesting for Andrea.

Can you find her little friends? :)

I wanted to incorporate her toys in our tree and she has plenty of those small toy figures. I was choosing between the toy figures and the toy fruits because those are the stuff she has plenty of. I was having a hard time putting the plastic fruits on the tree though, and my husband kept telling me they don't look "Christmassy". So toy figures it is!

I was only able to 'perch' a few of them on the tree before she decided she wanted to pluck them one by one *sigh*. Only Papa Smurf and Tigger and a few of Dora's animal friends are left. I have to go hunting for the Disney Fairies, the other Smurfs and the other McDonald's Happy Meal toys so I can put them back on the tree.


Agy said...

That's cute. Never thought of putting little toy figurines on the tree. Your post reminds me that Christmas is just round the corner - doesn't time fly!!!

Divya N said...

She must have forgotten about those toys and remembered only when she saw them hanging on the tree and wanted to play with them...dont blame her..happens to the best of us :D..btw I didnt know people set up christmas trees in Nov..whats the reason?