Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Tally - Part 1

So far, I have only had time to scour most of the scrapping stores I frequent. There are several other stuff I should be looking for... some types of presser foot for my Brother sewing machine, some crochet hooks... Amazon will have to wait until tomorrow though. It's 12:30AM my time, and I am tired...

But so far, here's what I have:

$1.75 (Original Price: $3.50)
$2.50 (Original Price: $4.99)
The 2 kits above are not within the price range I was looking for (i.e. $1 because I'm cheap like that, haha), but I need them for a couple of challenges I'm joining so they made it into my cart.

$1 (Original Price: $4.70)
$ 0.90 (Original Price: $6.99), got an extra 10% off on this one because of the challenges I joined at theStudio last month)

$1 (Original Price: 4.99)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)

Total full price of everything I bought should have been $40.67 (WOW). Discounted total is only $10.15. Since I had a $5 gift certificate at Scrappity-Doo-Dah that I earned from the challenges I join, I actually only charged $5.15 (approx P210).

Ahhh... happy happy happy!

And now, I really am tired. It's 1AM in my part of the world and I really should sleep. Happy weekend!

NOTE: This post was written last Friday in the dead of night in my part of the world. However, I had difficulty posting and I was already dizzy and feeling so sleepy that I just closed my laptop without turning it off and fell asleep immediately and I only remembered now to check if my blog post was successfully posted and *sigh* it wasn't. So posting today, Sunday.

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