Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cupcake Makeover

So Andrea celebrated her birthday 2 weeks too early because her birthday falls during their school's October break... and Helaena celebrated hers 2 weeks too late for the same reason.

I helped my sister prepare, organize and execute Helaena's birthday party. Most of the stuff we used like the loot bags, cake, and other stuff are store-bought so nothing much about them to post about. Now Helaena didn't get to celebrate her birthday at her school last year, so this was my sister's first introduction to a toddler party. And I think she was overwhelmed :) 

She didn't plan to serve the birthday cake because she said she didn't want to worry about the mess (go figure...) and the slicing and serving etc... so she bought chocolate cupcakes for the kids instead. She said she just plans to leave the birthday cake at the school for the teachers. Now the cupcakes, they are these individually packed ones from the supermarket... and no way was I going to let her serve that. I was thinking if I was the kid... those cupcakes are a little boring and it will not really put me in a party mood. So short of baking new cupcakes myself (which I can't), or ordering themed cupcakes (which I didn't have time for since I only learned about her cake vs cupcake plan the day before the actual party), I decided to give her cupcakes a quick makeover.

 Her party's theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I bought Mickey Mouse-themed cupcake toppers at the nearby supermarket. If I had more time... I could have made nicer toppers but I work with what I have. And then I bought some icing flowers from the same supermarket. Stick one flower and one topper on one cupcake and you get a party-worthy cupcake! Thank you very much!

And the verdict? I think the kids liked the topper and flower better than the cupcakes ;)


Kelley Highway said...

Did they love them?! Did they? They're really precious. Cute job x 18!

~ Kelley

Diane Writes said...

Typical and expected among kids haha