Monday, November 26, 2012

"Pinteresting" Hairstyles

I have been seeing hairstyles on link parties and Pinterest since last year and though I've admired them, I never really paid much attention because I know I lack the patience to execute. Now my daughter's nanny... she's another matter. There are days my daughter comes home sporting some complicated-looking hairdo courtesy of her. I still don't understand how she can keep my daughter still long enough to even do a simple braid... but I digress.

I was looking through some hairstyles in Pinterest to show her to give her ideas on how to do my daughter's hair for their Christmas party in early December when I saw this:

Now this looks like something I can do. So wriggling, struggling toddler sitting on my lap with her head turning every which way, I managed this:

I just need to practice more to make it a little neater. There are a couple more hairstyles I saw on Pinterest that look like they are within my skill level so we'll see :)

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