Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Easter Baby

In my quest to use all the kits I downloaded, and since Easter is coming up, I decided to use the kits I downloaded from the The Blog Train Blog's March blog train which was themed Spring Fun and Easter Fun.

I love how the color of Andrea's pajamas matched the color scheme of the kits! The photo was taken April of last year. One of her Aunts gave her bunny ears but Andrea is not used to wearing headbands. She made  a lot of fuss when I put it on her and wouldn't stop trying to look at what I put on her head.

I used elements from the following designers who participated in the blog train:
  • 4 My Babies
  • Robin Sampson
  • Horsedream Designs
  • Snickerdoodle Designs
  • A-liya
  • Amber Shaw
  • Cinnamon Scraps
  • Damsel Designs
  • Digi Deborah Designs
  • Carole Creations
  • SnipsNSnails
  • Mandy King
  • Bon Scrapatit
 That's a lot of designers for this one page. There are other elements that I love from this blog train, like the part from Mariscrap. I will definitely use her elements on a separate layout.

Anyway... I just realized... it's April already which means... it's Of Pinks and Fairy Tales' 4th year anniversary!!!


I checked and my first blog post was in April 2, 2008. It was a senseless post so I have long unpublished it but there you have it... this blog is 4 years old. And it has gone through several transformations since then.

To celebrate, I will be having an anniversary week... supposedly this week but it coincided with Holy Week so I decided to move it to April 16 - 22. I will be posting digital scrapbooking tutorials (i.e. my blending and extraction techniques) and FREEBIES throughout this week. I still need to finalize my plans but I hope to post the schedule of my anniversary week activities by nest week.


" me " said...

so sweet !

Diane Writes said...

Happy Anniversary! I started blogging six years ago. Unfortunately, I failed to maintain it. Sayang :)

Four years is an achievement! Will wait for your posts at shempre wishing you more years of blogging!