Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First day of school

My baby is all grown up and going to school... *sniff*

Elements from "My School" kit by Petoos Design (linked to free download)

It was Andrea's first day in summer play school this morning. That photo was taken outside the car before we took her to school. The smile was a little forced because I had to wake her up earlier than usual. And that bag is just a prop... all that's in it is an extra t-shirt, a small towel, a water bottle, and a small pack of peanuts (Andrea's all time favorite snack). She had been asking for a trolley for a while so we decided to get her one since she's going to school anyway.

 I enrolled her in summer school to get her used to the presence of other adults and other kids before she starts toddler school this June. Since last week, we have been going through one of her Dora books where Dora was in school to get her in the mood.

I guess it didn't work.

Andrea being carried and comforted by one of the teachers.
Now I have no idea how to use that photo for a digital scrapbook layout *sigh*. The class lasted only for an hour. She cried for that entire hour. It broke my heart to hear her crying all that time, but it was necessary. It was the first time she was alone with other people without me or daddy or yaya Lani.


Jill said...

Oh you poor thing Janelle! It's so hard to let go when they start school. I'm sure she'll soon settle in and love it!!

Diane Writes said...

Well documented are first day to school ni Andrea :) I remember my younger days tuloy. Naiiyak din ako, pero tinakot ako ni Nanay eh. Bawal daw umiyak :)

Lalique said...

happy to be here friend
from Turkey

peggy aplSEEDS said...

she will eventually get used to it and time flies so quickly. later they will want to go off on their own so enjoy this time!

Jenn Ji Hyun said...

I hope Andrea gets used to school soon and when she does, do tell me how you helped her please? I might be facing that problem too by this June. ;)