Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make Believe

So many challenges... so little time!

I was browsing my favorite digital scrapbooking forums as well as the new forums I just joined. I saw a lot of challenges I would LOVE to participate in. But I have a full-time job, I have a husband, a house and a fairy-princess-mermaid toddler to attend to (not necessarily in that order), and I'm currently suffering from a really bad case of cough and colds so... I try to squeeze in what I can.

I stayed home yesterday so I was able to work on a few layouts in between naps (a whole lot of naps). One good thing about digital scrapbooking is that I don't have to talk to anyone while working on layouts. Which is a good thing because I lost the use of my voice since Monday. Yep, that's right... today is the 3rd day that I haven't been able to talk. Last Monday was the worst... I try to talk and nothing comes out. Today is a little bit better... I try to talk and a very hoarse voice comes out. Useless in attending meetings, but enough to get by.

Anyway, here's one of the layouts I finished for Coolscrapsdigital's Color Challenge for April

I used the photo of Andrea and her doll, Lizzie, wearing the matching dresses I made for them.

We were given this kit from Ems Arts to work with:

And this is the color scheme we had to follow:

by DesignSeeds
I had a rough start with this layout because I had no idea what to do. This bout of cold seems to have drained me of creativity. I just kept adding and moving elements around until I was happy with the result. 

I hope I get over this soon. Our company outing is this weekend :(

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meijo's JOY said...

Love what you made..get well soon!