Monday, April 2, 2012

Magic Bathtime

Remember that $5 gift certificate I won at CoolScrapsDigital last month? I was looking for a kit to spend it on last Friday and I realized that with all the kits I already have, there are still a lot of stuff out there I still want!!

I use a lot of extraction and blending in my layouts... not a lot of frames and clusters. I like extracting a photo and creating a scene with it using elements from a kit. So I wanted a kit that have elements I can use for layouts like the ones I make. 

There were so many to choose from! It's a good thing I get kits from Scrapbrat Designs and Kaklei Designs free as part of their CT. Their kits are perfect for my style. Otherwise, I will be faced with a daunting credit card bill to support my digital scrapbooking addiction :)

Here are some kits I was looking at over at CSD:

Cupcakes Land by Butterfly Dsign
Magic Bathtime by Butterfly Dsign
Romantic Room by Doudou's Design
The Wild Sea by Mariscrap
There were a lot of kits and I never really got a chance to look at them all. Of those I've seen, these 4 were the ones I bookmarked. 

So after a lot of deliberation... I decided to get the Magic Bathtime kit simply because I have a lot of photos of Andrea in her kiddie pool that I can use this kit for. Here is a layout I finished last weekend using this kit:

Daddy had a garden hose pointed at her and she was trying to catch the water with her tongue. The kit was perfect for her photos like these... and she has a lot. I have another layout in the works using this kit.


Diane Writes said...

And because of Digital Scrapbooking, you are already blogging almost everyday :) Take a look at your monthly posts, winnur naman ang march!

Kristina Clemens said...

Wow! That would completely transform a bath, no? =)
Love it!
Kristina J.