Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick hello and sharing discoveries

I still don't have a project to share :( But I dream of several projects.

I'm still here, though a little under the weather since last week (I contracted the flu last Thursday... nasty!), still buried neck-deep in work, but don't worry I will not bore you with details. Suffice to say, I'm working my way to get to waist-deep... and in time, maybe knee-deep... and soon... FREEDOM! Albeit, temporary of course... just taking a few days off work in December to go on vacation. 

A few updates and discoveries to share with you:

1. While planning and working on the photo book for my grandmother, I've been searching online for other free quick pages and digital scrapbooking elements. Here are some sites that I found which have become some of my favorites:
  • My Memories - They offer free kits and elements which you can use with the My Memories Suite or other photo editing applications like Photoshop. 
  • Shabby Princess - a lot of complete kits available for download for free!
  • Everyday Mom Ideas - more free kits plus quick pages.
  • Delicious Scraps - everything in her shop is $0.99 only. And she has a lot of free stuff too!

If you're planning to make your family photo Christmas cards for Christmas, you might find some helpful material from those sites. 

2. I did what Rachel advised and joined Ravelry. They do have a lot of free crochet patterns! I downloaded a lot already which I hope I can try soon (maybe when I get my break when I go on vacation).

And here's a little dash of Andrea to make this post a little more interesting :)

We attended a kiddie party last weekend and they had a kiddie salon booth. Andrea got her hair done and was really pleased with herself. The paint they sprayed on her hair was easily removed with water.... though the glitter mixed with it was a pain to get off!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Divya N said...

Thats a cool freebie list...I have used shabby princess kits before and the cards I make using them get me a lot of compliments

Diane Writes said...

Hi Janelle! This reminds that I haven't fully maximized My Memories software you have given me. Too much concerns on work, etc etc ;-)

I hope you are feeling better now. Btw, you are going on vacay on December? Out of the country or here in the Philippines, don't forget to blog about it ha.

And that kiddie salon party, something I wished we had when we were kids too. Ang cute!

Deepthi said...

Hi Janelle!!
I am not much of a scrapper.... but after seeing these digital versions , I want to try some of them too. Thanks for the freebie list!!