Monday, November 21, 2011

Crochet Project: Bear Hat

More than a month after I got my free pattern from Rachel from Maybe Matilda for completing my cowl at her Crochet-Along, I finally got around to trying it out. 

I asked for the Bear Hat pattern. Since I live in a tropical country, using yarn or any type is not practical if I want my daughter to actually use the hat. So I used crochet thread, 2 strands, and I had to adjust the pattern to work with the thread I was using.

After several days and several unravellings (is this a word? I get red squiggly lines under it, but you get what I mean right???), I finished!

Not the best photo... and the next ones aren't any better:

My little blur or activity... refusing to stay still and always on the move!
She finally stayed still for a photo and posed... covering the hat in the process.
My model is at that stage where she hates staying still long enough for mommy to take a photo. We haven't had a good photo of her (and photos for my blog too!) in a while. Tsk tsk tsk.

And since we're on the topic of hats... and I already mentioned I live in a tropical country where the closest we have to winter is when Baguio City (a mountain city, 5 hours away from Manila by bus) gets to around 10 degrees Celsius, and it's considered a cold day in Manila in December when we get to 25 degrees Celsius... there seem to be a lot of hats at the mall lately.

Case in point: Andrea trying out a hat we saw at the mall. Nope, we didn't buy it. She just likes trying stuff out.
Aside from these ones for children, I also saw a new stall at the mall selling hats for adults. Like ones made from wool, and thick yarn 0_o I checked the tags and they were imported from the UK. I wonder if anyone actually buys them?


Diane Writes said...

Hay the disadvantage of living in a tropical country.. hahaha we are limited to wearing all those fashion stuff

Andrea loves to try a lot in malls, ang sarap niya pala kasama. Other kids kasi would easily get "inip" and irritated when malling. Andrea would be your greatest shopping buddy.. wait a couple of years, shopping would be happier!

Rose said...

Love the ears on the hat. And you have a very cute model as well. :-)