Monday, November 22, 2010

Felt flower obsession - Part 1

This was another project I came across on Delia Creates that I wanted to try. The original idea and tutorial is from Holidash.

Here's how mine turned out (I realize now that I took the photo before I glued the center... I was too excited and too impatient at the time):
My petals look too close together, compared to the original. Instead of attaching the petals by glue, I sew them to the base. I also did not include the pocket at the back since I'm not planning to put anything in it.

Now after I made it, I really had no idea how to use it. I'm not the brooch-wearing type.

I decided to wear it when we visited my grandmother last week. They liked it :) So a little more confident, I decided to wear it in public: to my office.

 I had it pinned to my shirt when I left for work... and it was still pinned to my shirt when I reached out building lobby. But then... I saw the holiday poinsettia flower pots scattered across our lobby and I thought to myself how much my bright red brooch resembled the bright red poinsettia bunches on the plants. I chickened out and took it off when I reached the elevator. Maybe next time, and in a more muted hue :)

I've been addicted to felt flowers ever since I made this one. I spent all my free time last week googling "felt flower templates" and "felt projects". I have several others lined up that I'm excited to try. I will be sharing more soon.

Happy Monday!

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