Thursday, November 18, 2010

God's little blessings

Last night, I experienced one of God's little blessings which I just had to share :)

Due to a recent traffic law passed in Metro Manila regarding buses, it has been difficult to commute. Since I was tired and a little dizzy from lack of sleep the past few nights, I decided to just take a cab home. The line for cabs at the mall was a little long, I think there are about 30 people ahead of me, but I decided to stick with it anyway. The entire time, I was praying to God in my head to send me a "reputable" cab like MGE or R&E. By reputable, I meant those big name cabs whose cab drivers won't cheat you or give you trouble because those companies have reputations to protect. I was too tired to deal with worrisome cab drivers by then so I kept praying during the 30 - 45 minutes I was standing in line and I was specifically asking for an MGE or R&E cab, although for my entire wait, I hardly ever saw cabs from those company show up.

When it was finally my turn, there were no available cabs so I had to wait a few more minutes. And then, when one did show up... can you guess what the cab was? It was an MGE!

And it was a new unit so my ride home was comfortable. I kept thanking God the entire time and I knew I just had to share the experience. Don't you just love answered prayers like this?

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