Monday, August 3, 2009

Parchment Craft

Parchment craft is a set of techniques that results to lace-like design on parchment paper. I bought tools and supplies for Pergamano parchment craft back in 2006 when my husband and I planned to DIY our wedding invitations. A few tries told me the idea was crazy to even consider. For one, Pergamano parchment is a bit expensive (P35 per sheet last time I bought) so it's not economical compared to just getting your invitations printed. And then each design takes as long as 2 hours to complete (depending on the complexity of the design). Imagine making 100+ pieces!

I parked this hobby for a long time and was only able to try again last week when I was trying to rebuild my archive of downloaded patterns (since I lost everything when our hard drive crashed). I was able to complete these 5. I still need to improve my coloring technique since it is nowhere near those I see online (those I see online are great!).

NOTE: The patterns used are not mine, I just downloaded them from different sites offering free patterns.

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