Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Improvement Project - Part 3

My couch has arrived!!!

It actually arrived around 4PM last Sunday but I was too lazy to take photos.

Looking at the photos, my living room looks a tad... empty... don't you think? But when I'm actually there, it feels cramped. Oh well, I think I need a set of drawers to the left side of the sofa, a new armchair/lazy boy, and new curtains. The walls are still empty. We plan to hang the frames after we complete the furniture set-up (March! I swear to me it will be complete by March!)

BEFORE: old purple couch

AFTER: new yellow couch
my couch with the new pillows

Closer look at the pillows. I so totally knew the yellow-blue-yellow green color scheme would work!! I should get that yellow green armchair I want.But who said the work was done? :(

Action Items:
- get new entertainment center
- get set of drawers for the corner
- get a new armchair/lazy boy
- get a small corner table
- hang frames on the wall
- get another bookshelf.

More to come!

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