Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Improvement Project - Part 2

I'm getting my new couch this weekend and I'm excited :) The couch is the dominant piece of furniture in our small living room and as such, sets the general color motif of the entire area (including the dining area). Our old couch is purple so everything in the living area is in either pink or with a shade of violet. When we had our living room repainted, I insisted on having yellow trim. My new couch will also be yellow. I am aiming for a yellow and blue motif for the living and dining areas. I wanted a yellow, blue and yellow green motif, but MG is so opposed to the yellow green X(

In preparation for the arrival of the "queen" of our living room, I started buying small items that will reinforce the yellow-and-blue color scheme. I replaced the table cloth in the dining room with one in deep blue and had the dining chairs reupholstered in a close-matching color (MG also did the reupholstering, another one of his DIY projects... photos to follow). Then I bought a couple of vases in yellow and blue.

This corner table is still a work in progress. I still have to work on the flower arrangement. I was actually aiming for a different arrangement but I couldn't get the flowers to bend the way I want so this is what I ended up with. I initially wanted to hang a painting in this area but those darned light switches are in the way! :(

This is my other corner table, but the entire thing has to go because I'm replacing the coffee table set in this area with either an oversized armchair or a lazy boy. It's too bad, I kind of like the way this table turned out. The pink curtains will also be replaced.

I'll be posting photos of my living room with the new couch next week :)

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