Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Improvement Project - Part I

MG and I have a lot of books scattered around the house. We have this one bookshelf downstairs which also doubles as the house eyesore and mini-tambakan of everything little thing we don't know where else to put.

If you have been to my house, you can not have missed this metal monster.

I have been trying to redecorate the house for the longest time but MG has been opposing me for reasons I will never understand. What could you possibly have against a nice house??? So I've been trying to do it little by little, corner by corner, so he won't notice so much. We already had the downstairs area re-painted, courtesy of MG's parents . I already succeeded in getting a kitchen cabinet for the dining area corner (getting rid of the green plastic shelf that stood there for the longest time). I also succeeded in getting a new center table to replace the big wooden one that takes up a lot of our small living room space.

Getting a new bookshelf was not that easy since there were so many things we had to consider.

1. We both have to like it (BIG problem already since we have different tastes);
2. It must be able to accommodate as many books in diff
erent sizes as possible;
3. It must fit in a space where it won't obstruct the delivery of my new sofa this weekend (so definitely not in the hallway leading to the living room where our metal monster used to be);

4. The tone of the finish must match, or be close, to the tone of the current furniture we have.

These and other things. Number 1 already was a big enough obstacle. Everything I chose MG didn't like and what he liked I don't like. So we decided to make our own.


The boards were already pre-cut and laminated so it was a matter of installing the support on the walls. I believe MG had fun putting the whole thing up. He loves those DIY thingeys. I arranged the books according to the probability of me reading them again. I like how the books look uneven. But MG doesn't (grrrr!). But unless he plans to re-arrange the entire thing, it's staying as it is.

MG's toys made their home in spaces between books.

This does not in any way mean we are done with our bookshelf issues. We still have a cabinet-full of books that need to be put in proper shelves. We just have to decide where (in our small house) to put them.


xingkit said...

my shoe "cabinet" is like this. :)

Janelle said...

Next project ko yun actually... to put shelving like that dun sa space under the stairs to use as our shoe cabinet din :)