Thursday, October 8, 2015

Crochet Granny Square Bag

I rarely make anything for me, and this was initially earmarked as a gift for Christmas. But when I finished it... um... well... I already used it today so I guess it's mine now :)

This project is actually part upcycle. The bag is crocheted using thick cotton cord and the handles are from an old bag I am using as a make-up kit, so you know, it doesn't really need a  handle.

I hardly get to use my sewing machine anymore so it was soothing to hear it's motor whirring again as I made the lining and attached the zipper.

It goes well with my watch, don't you think?

Watch from Swatch.
Someone posted a photo of this watch from Swatch in one of my Facebook groups and of course, all crochet addicts, including me, wanted one. The crochet design is printed on the strap and watch face. I was so happy when I saw a local Swatch store selling the design. 

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