Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toy Store Sales - Part 1

Toy store sales never really interested me until a couple of months ago. And the discovery happened accidentally: Toys R' Us set up their toy sale in Trinoma last November right smack in the middle of my route to the MRT. And so that first day of the sale, I went to the sale area... and almost never made it to my office. I wanted to stay all day. A lot of toys were marked down and I mean really, REALLY marked down. 50% of my Christmas list finished in a span of 30 minutes, yeah! The other 50% are adults so...

Anyway, not to ruin the surprise for my daughter and nieces and nephews who have yet to receive their gifts from us for Christmas... I am only posting what I bought for me. Yes, I bought something for me at the toy sale.

The Sylvanian Toy Shop from Flair, The Village Flower Shop, and the Elephant family.
None of which are marked down on the first day I went there, which bugged me initially. But since I will not be able to find these in Manila, I let it pass. 

The Toy Shop and the Flower shop sets are the sets used for display previously by Toys R'Us and the Toy Shop was missing some small pieces (again... which bugged me at first but again, I know I will not find another one in Manila for a while so... *sigh*). I kept asking the sales rep why it was not marked down considering it was a used unit and it was in the sale area but she looked confused and the only answer she could give me was that there was no advise yet if it was included in the sale (um... it's in the sale area, hello?!).

Enough with the rant and on with the fun...

"Hello! Welcome to my Toy Shop!"
I added some other stuff from other Sylvanian sets like the bikes and the shelves, and I used some of my daughter's Squinkies to pose as plushies and dolls.

A closer look at the doll houses and bikes.

Plushies and dolls also available at our toy shop.
Had enough of the Toy Shop? Let's take a quick peek at the Flower Shop.

"Welcome to my Flower Shop!"
There's Mrs. Barker, from the Golden Labrador family, tending the flowers.

A closer look at the Flower Shop.
And that's it for today. Tomorrow, I will introduce the rest of Mrs. Barker's family as well as a couple of other families, scored from another toy store sale. See you!

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Divya N said...

Love the dolls... Teddy, elephants :-) Wanted to tell u before dont change the placement background it looks perfect