Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Journey to Sylvania

"Hello there!"
It all started innocently enough... one little girl celebrated her 4th birthday a couple of months ago and asked for a doll house. I'm sure she meant a Barbie doll house but daddy and I found some toy figures and generic furniture that resembled those from Sylvanian Families (i.e. Calico Critters) at way lower prices and decided to buy those. We couldn't find a cheap doll house to match so we decided to get her the "My First Sylvanian House" to go with the furniture. 

The humble beginnings.
As you can see, very small house, few furniture and just a couple of figures that were not part of the Sylvanian Family. She loved the house and loved playing with it. What we didn't count on was that mommy would love the house and the concept of decorating and personalizing the little space, more. Much, much more.

The small home turned out to be a disappointment after only a few days... it was simply too small to fit the basic furniture a home needs. I needed a bigger house so I started to do some research about the types of homes available. During my search for information I joined a few groups on Facebook and imagine my excitement when I saw an ad selling a used Beechwood Hall/City House with Lights for only P1500 (approx $35). A brand new one would have cost me more than twice as much. The ad was a few months old, and I new there was little chance the house was still available but I tried contacting the seller anyway, and what do you know... it was still available. We decided to meet at a local mall the next day and I am now the proud owner of a "new" and bigger house. And my journey began.

Since then, I discovered that there is a trade niche for used toys and miniatures online, and toy shop sales began to take more significance in my life. And several shopping trips later...

The commercial center for my small village.
I have yet to come up with a name for my village. And after 2 months of collecting and collecting, I was only able to find the time to set this up earlier today... and I only had an hour before I had to get ready for work so there are still a couple of stalls and one more building I was not able to set up. Plus the houses... and the creatures. Most are still in their boxes. 

Notice the small boutique in the middle? That was the project I previewed on my last post more than a month ago. It's definitely taking me more than a couple of weeks :( I had a plain wood box from one of Andrea's toys and initially wanted to turn it into a shoe store after I bought the Village Shoe Store set. And then I planned to put some railing to make the top look like a balcony, and maybe set up a small cafe. But now, I think I'll just turn the building into a boutique since I have a lot of spare accessories to make one. 

A closer look.
I printed some brick pattern I downloaded online and used that to wallpaper the outside of the box (seen on the third photo I posted). Then I used papers from "When I was Young" digital scrapbooking kit by Valentina's Creations, and "Renewal" kit by FranB to wallpaper the ground floor. I'm so glad I kept most of my digital scrapbooking files!

I used craft sticks to create the bottom molding and some built-in shelves.

Built-in shelves using craft sticks.
A view of the unfinished top floor.
And there is another view of the unfinished top floor.

Oh... and closer look at the backdrop too... which happens to be our table placemats *wink*. I have yet to find something else to use as backdrop.

That's it for now. I hope I can find the time soon to photograph the rest of the village and her citizens. 


Divya N said...

Really Awesome...and I so want to play with it now. I had a full barbie house set up as a kid with generic plastic furniture and self made pillows, cushion covers and was so excited when I found some of them weeks ago, If I had time and place to put it I would do a whole doll house again

Janelle said...

I so wanted a Barbie doll house as a kid but my mom didn't get me one. I guess this is why I have this frustration with doll houses, haha. I don't actually have the space for these at my small house right now... I set them up on my living room floor... and then I pack them up in one big box when I'm done.