Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starry Eyes

Sometimes, we get some amazing photos by accident.

Elements from: Bedtime Stories by Magical Reality Designs

Notice the "stars" in Andrea's eyes. No special effects there. Those are reflections of the camera's flash. My husband was practicing with the camera's settings again one morning and started taking pictures of Andrea who just woke up. If I didn't crop the photo, you would have seen me on the background, passed out in bed :)

I made this layout as part of Digidesign Resport's Theme Challenge for July. The challenge for this month is to use only a part of a photo in the layout. Since I only wanted to highlight the eyes, I cropped the rest of the photo out.

That's 3 out of the required 6 Cocktail Hour Challenges to win the kit for this month :)
  • Theme Challenge - DONE! (this post)
  • Scraplift Challenge - A Touch of History
  • Template Challenge - Expressions
  • Color Challenge
  • Wordart Challenge
  • Photo Challenge

1 comment:

Jill said...

What a gorgeous starry effect on Andrea's eyes! Great layout too Janelle!