Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July: My 1st Christmas

So last week, Andrea came home with her school notebook, where her teacher provides us parent's with a weekly update of what our children are studying in school. According to the weekly update... for this week, they will be studying about babies... what babies do, what stuff babies use... and that they (Andrea's class) are not babies anymore...

Um... come again???

But... but... she IS still my baby!!! Waaaaahhh!!

*sniff* *sniff*

It seems only a few months ago that we were celebrating our first Christmas, and she was still so small.

Elements from: Country Christmas by Sunny Day Scraps, Royal Wedding Alpha by Trixie Scraps, Template by Scrapping with Liz
I just had an annoying realization about this photo... I gained more weight since then, and my husband, for some reason lost a lot of weight since then. How come????

I used Sunny Day Scraps' Country Christmas kit for this layout.

A cute Christmas kit in soft country colors that will go well with the family's Christmas photos. This kit has 40 elements (PNG), and 13 papers (JPEG), all done in 300 dpi to ensure print quality.

Available here:

Be sure to check out other Christmas kits by Sunny Day Scraps (images are linked):

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lisbonlioness said...

Not trying to be extra- nice, but you and your hubby are gorgeous, and no amount of weight lost or gained could ever change that. My Man always says that it is natural for a real woman to gain some weight over the years as she is finding her comfy, homely spot in life. Not sure I agree 100%, but a few pounds gained are not going to make you any less gorgeous. Look at proper italian and spanish Mommas, they need some substance to prove the point. Both feet on the ground, withstanding the weather, strong, healthy and above all, happy <3