Monday, June 13, 2011

Dora's 'Backpack' Envelopes

When my daughter celebrated her first birthday, we gave her a Dora-themed party. I made the invitations myself and shared it here last November. I received a lot of requests for Backpack's face template (that I asked my brother, a graphics artist, to vector and clean up for me) that I used and I have shared that template with everyone who asked. To make it easier, the template is now posted on my blog entry for easy access by anyone who needs it. 

Last Friday, I received a very sweet email from Nessa, one of the ladies who asked me for the template a couple of months ago. She used the template to make invitations for her daughter's first birthday too and shared her photos with me. Isn't that sweet?

Aside from the invites, Nessa DIY-ed other party elements too. Can you ladies say 'labor of love?' 

It totally made my day when I got her email. I love seeing projects inspired by something I posted here. It makes all the hours put into coming up with the concept and tutorial totally worth it when I know someone else aside from me gained from it :) So if you made something inspired by any of my tutorials, please feel free to share them with me. I would love to hear from you!

And thanks again Nessa, for sharing your pictures with me.


Kelley said...

This is precious, and I, too, love to receive correspondence like it. Makes your day, huh?!

Diane Writes said...

Hello Janelle! I don't know if you will like the idea but I feel that you can make a great art and craft book. Continue on making those crafts, share, and blog it, I'm sure someone would later on become interested in compiling your works.