Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nominated for Hubby's Popular Project

I woke up this morning dead tired. Do you ever feel that way? Andrea, at 18 months, still wakes up a few times during the night wanting her bottle so I still wake up to feed her. For a few minutes after I opened my eyes, I contemplated not going to work but then I remembered this task we had to do that starts today and ends tomorrow and well... off to work I went.

Then I opened my email and saw that...

Ok so the project nominated wasn't really mine... it's my husband's Wooden Hut Doll House project... but I guess it's conjugal so it's mine as well *wink*. I can't wait to tell my husband later when I get home! I can pop him the link now but I want to see his face when I show it to him on the laptop later tonight. I'm sure he will be excited (but will try hard not to show me but I will know anyway, haha).

Voting goes on until this weekend so head on over to Lamb Around to check out the other projects and vote (voting is on her side bar). I'm not going to ask you to vote for me... but you know, vote for the project that you like best. No pressure :)

Then I checked my other comments and saw that I was also featured over at Stephanie Lynn's Under the Table and Dreaming. She featured not one but TWO of my projects for the same week! Again... one is my husband's popular Wooden Hut Doll House project but we already established that it's conjugal so... Yey, I have 2 projects featured! I can't wait to show this to him later too.

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