Thursday, May 5, 2011

Barbie's Tutu Skirt

Sometime last year, I planned on making doll dresses for Andrea's dolls. I made a couple for the smaller ones, but after that, I totally forgot about it.

Yesterday, during my usual blog hop, I came across Andrea's blog: Addicted to Tutes. She made clothes for her daughter's Barbie dolls and the tutu skirt caught my eye. It's pretty and yet so simple!

I planned to try it when I got home so...

STEP 1: Get Andrea (my daughter) to sleep early so mommy can get some sewing time.

STEP 2: Find some scrap lace wide enough to be a skirt for Barbie and some thin elastic.
I wanted to make the skirt a little less see through so I added 4 layers of cream tulle underneath.

I wanted to finish quickly so I didn't prepare a detailed tutorial, but if you want one, please leave a comment on this post and I will prepare one next time Andrea (again, my daughter) goes to sleep early.

Here's my finished skirt:

Head on over to Andrea's (the blogger, hehe) blog to check out her other Barbie clothes. I plan to make some other clothes for Barbie soon.

"Bye! Hope you all have a great day!"


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the use of tulle underneath - that's a great idea! I'm going to make some more Barbie clothes too - after my current project I'm thinking I'll do the cap sleeves shirt with a skirt. Thanks for linking to me!
~Andrea (the blogger - hehe!)

Janelle said...

You're welcome, Andrea (the blogger)! Can't wait to the other clothes you come up with! I really need to develop the patience to sew tiny things.

colorchic said...

Oh my gosh! Seriously adorable!