Friday, March 15, 2013


I think my husband and I started our family late... and by late I mean that most of our friends and cousins are already married by the time we had Andrea. And I care about this because that means that Andrea's chances of joining a wedding entourage as a flower are limited.

Stage mother much :)

At 3 years old, I think we haven't done so badly. She's been invited to join the wedding entourage for 3 weddings, the latest being last December for my cousin's wedding. The best thing about this wedding? The motif was PINK!

Elements from Purity by Valentina's Creations; Template by Seatrout Scraps
The first wedding's motif was purple, and the second was red. This time, it was pink... and that made 2 little girls happy.

I made this layout for Scrabookbytes's Template Challenge for March 2013.

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Diane Writes said...

Na-carried away ako dun sa "started my family late" tinamaan ako.. pero nung nakita ko yung reason.. hala! natawa na ako haha

Hayaan mo kapag finally may naloko na ako... sure na yun flower girl si Andi. At sa lahat ng flower girl, siya ang may birthday cake haha