Friday, March 8, 2013

The Cinderella Dress

Because I now have too much time on my hands (errr... not true most of the time actually) and because Andrea kept asking me for a "Cinderella" dress since she outgrew her store-bought Snow White costume. 

For reference, this is how Cinderella's dress looks like:

Image source
 And here is my version of it.

The puffed sleeves did not puff *sigh*.

I made it from an old bridesmaid dress.

That was the dress... just imagine it plain, with a fuschia corset (don't ask), and an A-line skirt. The skirt was more than enough for the dress, but it was the first time I worked with chiffon and wow, that was hard! It kept slipping, and fraying... and I it was beyond my powers to hem. The chiffon on the sides is actually not hemmed and is beginning to fray... I wonder if I can just singe the edges? Will probably try that tonight.


Kelley Dibble said...

She truly is Cinderella! You should absolutely link this to Wunderbar's Fashion Friday! It's marvelous! Did you take any other before or during photos? My! I can just imagine how she feels like a princess in this! Good job, Mommy! (She's probably sleeping in it every night, right?!)

Happy weekend! Off to Hawaii tonight! By the time we make it into the air, it will be my birthday. Yay!


Diane Writes said...

Ang pagbabalik ng mga projects! Natuwa naman ako :) Ang galing!! At d ko na maantay kung sinong next character ang irerequest ni Andi haha