Thursday, February 28, 2013


Elements from Zest kit by Mandy King, Template by Dagi's Temp-tations
This photo was taken a few months ago. The little girls created a fort using some chairs and pillows and while playing, bumped their foreheads together. They stared at each other, surprised, for what seemed like a long time and I knew I had to do something because once one of them started bawling, the other is sure to follow suit. I grabbed a stamp set that was lying on the table and stamped each girl on her forehead and declared that a "No-Ouchie" zone. They looked at each other again and started laughing. Situation averted!

I used Mandy King's new kit, Zest, and a template from Dagi's Temp-tations new template set, Color Me Pretty - Set 5.

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