Sunday, February 24, 2013

Embellished Flipflops

I got these embellished flipflops a couple of years ago for around $5 and only wore them for a few weeks before I totally forgot about them.

Since I quit my job last January, I've been doing some cleaning and during the process, I found these and started wearing them again. Andrea saw them and kept bugging me to put beads in her flipflops too so last weekend, I obliged.

I used one of her older flipflops.

They still fit but the design was already peeling off so I needed to fix that. Then I remember this old project by Agy of Green Issues about using old fabric to replace the lining on shoes. Hubby scraped off the remaining design on the flipflops using sandpaper. I traced the flipflops on some scrap canvas fabric and attached them to the flipflops using rugby contact cement.

For the beadwork, I used plastic beads and very thin jewelry wire. I also used the jewelry wire to attach the beadwork to the straps of the flipflops.

And here is my finished work.

Matching beaded flipflops.


Divya N said...

Haaa..matching matching :)

Karen said...

glad to see you are posting some ldbas again!

Karen said...

I meant: glad to see you are posting some crafts again!

Kelley Dibble said...

ACCKK!!!! I aDORE them! You could SO sell those, girl!

I meant to drop into your e-mailbox yesterday... or was that Friday? *sigh* Oh, dear. I've been busily reorganizing the Guest Suite... so I guess 'nough said on that score! HA!

Happy weekend and have fun purging, stipulating and justifying... *wink*


Deepthi said...

Its really good to c u doing crafts..coz they are lovely!!!
Just soooo beautiful!!

Diane Writes said...

Ayaw magpatalo ni Andi! hahaha Pero I love both :) Buti na lang magaling si Mommy