Monday, December 3, 2012

No Peeking!

Last week, my daughter caught me wrapping our birthday gift for her daddy. I tried to explain to her that it's a surprise and she should not tell daddy yet. She seemed to be excited about keeping a secret so I allowed myself to hope. 

When we went downstairs to daddy...

Andi: "Daddy! Daddy! I have a gift for you! Mommy hid it in the closet!


Fast forward to last night... she caught me wrapping gifts again, and this time, she saw me wrapping "Santa's gift" for her. Now this is something she really, REALLY likes. I told her it's Santa's gift for a little girl. She kept looking at the gift longingly and asked... "Is it for Andi?".

Me: "We'll see."

And I put the gift under the tree. She took the gift and looked at me and told me she will just hold it. She spent all of last night hugging the gift, shaking it, trying to peek inside it, and I almost lost my resolve and let her open it. But as of today, the gift remains wrapped.

Elements from Love Came Down kit by Mandy King, Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee
I made this layout for Digidesignresort's Wordart Challenge for December 2012. 

The kit I used is from Mandy King:

Available here:


Divya N said...

Oh...was this her first "Santa's not real" moment? God that must have been sad

Diane Writes said...

Excited much.. d naman halatang siya yung bata na magbblow ng candle ng may birthday haha

Diane Writes said...

Sorry d ako maka get over dun sa video haha