Monday, January 16, 2012

We are LIVE!

So I had this project at work which I've been involved with since around June-July of last year. It consumed most of my thinking hours, drastically reducing my crafting time (notice the lack of posts from October to December?), contributed 90% to my stress level, and basically sucked all the happiness out of my office cube for a while (just kidding! Never happens... I am, by nature, a happy person).

And last Saturday... our project went LIVE! Go check it out.

Our project team redesigned the whole website! The new 'look' is more organized and easier to navigate.

The new landing page for Home & Home Office support.
I had nothing to do with how the website looks, by the way. That was the work of the members of our very talented Web Team. I designed the back-end features which you don't really 'see' but is needed to make website work (like that little drop down list on the image above).

I can breathe... at least for today. Tomorrow, I have my first meeting for Phase 2 of this project. We are not done yet (darn! I can't get our Web Team to help me redesign my blog yet! haha).

But for now... hmmm... I wonder if I can post this project in link parties??? ;)


Diane Writes said...

I noticed again your new header Janelle. I may not be an IT major but I do understand the role of your work. More than the aesthetics, you design how things will work. You are as they say the wind beneath the wings of the team. :D

xingkit said...

if you fet them to agree, you should get ypur own hosting na din :)