Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Layout!

Some of you have noticed my blog's changing 'look' the past few days. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments! I didn't really have any plans to update my blog. Only every time I look at it, it looks too... PINK. 

Can it be??? Am I getting tired of PINK???

My blog has always been PINK. Here's a look back at my previous banners.


- 1st banner -
*major cringe*
This was the first banner I made. This was the time when my blog was still a personal blog and apparently, I didn't have much taste when it comes to choosing colors :-/ I will not even show you what my background looked like. You might go blind from all the bright pink colors.

- 2nd banner -

This was me playing around with Photoshop brushes and fonts. And all the bright shades of pink I can find. 

- 3rd banner -
*another major cringe*
Yes, I really did put my photo in the banner. And yes, I really did look like that once upon a time. And no, I never really used it... I think it was up on my blog for only 2 or 3 days before I couldn't stand it anymore and took it down. What made me do it? Well... one of my friends from our Web Team taught me how to do that fading effect on Photoshop and I wanted to try it and use it somehow for my blog header. At the time I didn't have any nice graphic I can use so I used what I had on hand... my photos :-/

- 4th banner - 

This one wasn't really a banner so I don't have a photo. It was the one most of my followers know since I was using it since I started blogging about crafts. I was using one of the default themes of Blogger and used Google Web Fonts API to get a nicer font than the ones available at the time. And then I added a silhouette image of Tinker Bell.


When I was formulating my blog's new look... I didn't have any idea what I wanted. I first tried to create a header using images of my projects. The palette generated from that was still too PINK.

So I tried a different approach. I browsed for color palettes on COLOURLovers and found one that I liked. It's still a little pink (technically, it's more like peach, but I can be flexible) but all the colors in the palette are soft and toned down.

I'm still using a default Blogger theme which I customized a little. That new banner I'm using, I made using Photoshop Brushes and different fonts. My new look is softer and cleaner and I like it that way... for now. So tell me, watchatink? :)


Agy said...

Nice! Love the colours too :-)

Divya N said...

I think almost everyone I know is doing a blog over haul...I just finished(not technically) mine- completely changed from black to white...urs looks cool

Jenn Ji Hyun said...

It's nice, simple and very representative of the blog title :)