Monday, September 14, 2009

Project Nursery - Part 3

I swore to myself that I will turn one of my spare rooms into a nursery before the end of September (see Project Nursery - Part 1). And I even posted my design inspiration (see Project Nursery - Part 2). However, I got distracted... and lazy... and then discouraged when my husband vetoed the ceiling light that I wanted (telling me it looks like a "palanggana" i.e. cheap plastic wash basin... hmph!) and refused to paint the ceiling to look like a sky X( There goes my theme... I promised myself I'd get the room repainted but it definitely won't be before the end of September. Baby's stuff are alread in there and I don't want anything smelling of paint this close to D-Day.

Here's what I managed to accomplish so far:

Window area

Closet area

I also replaced the black metal bed with an extended single brass bed (my old bed from my mom's house, you can see the posts in the window area photo), but I will post photos of that after I finish the entire room and put the finishing touches.

For the window area, I put in a sheer swag curtain in pastel pink, yellow and green, and used wall stickers to create my night sky theme (yeah, yeah, there are 2 moons with one sun mingling with stars... not exactly astronomically accurate but that's what the pack came with!). I don't have the energy to do stenciling as I initially planned :( I'm going to add a couple of frames on both sides of the windows like this:

The pink frame that will go on the left is the 12-months photo frame where you put photos of your baby each month, while the green frame that will go on the left side is a family tree photo frame where you put photos of both grandmas and grandpas and mommy and daddy and baby. I just haven't gotten around to telling my husband to drill the holes so I can hang them. Maybe next week.

The closet area, I'm not yet so happy with. I also used wall stickers to create a garden theme but I am not yet sure about the positioning. My husband said I should put them at that level so you can see them when you're lying on the bed... I want to place them a bit lower... Hmmm... good things those stickers are removable. Anyway, I also created a sunny sky theme for the wall above the closet.

This is it for now. I plan to buy the set of drawers I want this week. Then I still need to get the table cover (which will match the garden theme on the closet) made. And I need to buy sheets for the bed that will match the overall theme (good luck to me!). I should be done in 2 weeks.


nicquee said...

Two weeks? Tight deadline ha.

I like the wall stickers! :) I just hope they stay there as long as you need them. Yung ibang stickers kasi nawawalan ng dikit due to heat. And oh, I hope they don't peel off your paint with them. :)

Janelle said...

Feeling ko matatanggal agad yung stickers... mura lang yan e, haha. But it doesn't peel the paint naman, naka-ilang re-apply ako nyan.