Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Tidbits

My mind was wandering on my way to work this morning

1. New Year's resolution, broken during the first week: I used 3 plastic cups from the pantry last week... Aaargh! I'm going to have to try harder this week. Or better yet, I think I need to bring my own mug

2. Heard on the radio this morning:

Mr. De la Paz: I think we are given one year to file an appeal.
Korina: You are one year to appeal...

(I think she meant, "You have one year to appeal...")

3. Sa wakas! They finally re-opened the first U-Turn sa C5. The sign says it's open from 9AM - 4PM only.

4. I was being attacked my Monday sickness and I was fighting the urge to tell the cab driver to turn back. I swore to myself 2 years ago that I will refrain from not going to work on Mondays, even when I'm really sick, because it gives a bad impression. So here I am.

Have a great week!

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