Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lone post for 2016

So I had time to check my blog today and really??? My last post was more than a year ago?? Really???

It only felt like a few months a when I scheduled a blog post for automatic posting.

I haven't had a lot of free time (obviously!) this year. I was able to finish a few projects though. Like this mermaid tail blanket.

I made it for a 2-year old girl so it should fit ok. I only looks small being modelled by my daughter.

I also had time to discover Perler beads! Late bloomer, I know. It's frustrating for me trying to find supplies now. Here are some stuff Andi and I worked on.

From left: Ariel (heavily modified a pattern I was copying so it will be the same scale as Aurora); Snow White (my own pattern), Belle (heavily modified a pattern I was copying so it will be the same scale as Aurora); and Aurora (copied from a photo I saw online with only slight modifications to add the mouth and lengthen the arms).

A cactus I made for my office table. This is my own pattern as well. 

My daughter's gifts for her classmates this Christmas. Little boys and girls wearing their school uniform. I made these into bag charms.

Andi's own personal project!! Her own pattern too. I'm one proud mommy. With very little assistance from me (i.e. adding the legs, shaping the bow, and shaping the shoulders).
And there you go. I don't think I will be able to post more for this year so this is my one and only hurrah on Blogger for 2016 before I go on holiday.

Happy holidays! (if you are still reading me :D )


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