Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome to Primtown

On one of my previous posts, I mistakenly identified some characters I recently acquired as being part of Ban Dai's Maple Town line. Upon closer inspection of their packaging however, I found out that they are part of Primtown, a line of "candy" toys released by Ban Dai in 2002. 

There were 16 characters initially released and another 12 were released after that. So far, I only have 8 characters from the initial release. 

I know where I can get 3 more, but I have yet to negotiate the price with the seller. 4 of them I got boxed and when I opened the boxes (yes... I OPENED THEM), they did have candy inside... which I threw away because eeeewww! They've been in the box since 2002 o_0

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Daiane Cascini said...

Muito lindo!