Monday, November 4, 2013

The Giant Mushroom Project

There goes Halloween and where have all the days gone? Next up, Christmas! (we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here ladies and gentlement).

But before I start my holiday panic, let me share a HUGE project I did for Halloween:

It was huge, literally. That giant mushroom behind me? I made it using a golf umbrella wired to a camera tripod. It was a prop we used for the Halloween contest our office hosted. I am not allowed to share the photos of our decorated work area but lemme say this... my team won! Yey!
Before I forgot, this fella was sitting behind me while I was posing with the mushroom:
Our decor was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" and though the Cheshire Cat was not supposed to be part of our scene, but we couldn't resist. Took 10 minutes to make too (I'm sure! We rushed this as people were beginning to file into our area to check out our decor).:

1. Print a photo of the Cheshire Cat's face and cut.
2. Crumple several sheets of newspaper until you get your desired size. Wrap in tape to secure. This will be the cat's body.
3. Cut triangular pieces of colored paper and tape to your crumpled newspaper and tape to the body you made to create stripes.
4. Attach the head to the body.
5. Crumple some more colored pape in the shape of a tail, secure with tape and attach to the body.

Ok, that's it for today. Have to get back to the million things I have to do... *sigh*.

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