Thursday, April 4, 2013

the Studio Layout Artist 2013 - Week 1

I was telling myself that I need to take a break from doing digital scrapbooking challenges and focus on my CT work instead. I participate in so many challenges per month it becomes stressful to meet all the deadlines that I ask myself why I do I do it anyway? I don't need the free kits... after a year of challenges and being a CT member to some amazing designers, I have amassed a huge collection of beautiful digital scrapbooking kits from all themes and color schemes you can think of (I exaggerate a little, but it feels like this most of the time). The only reason I can think of is because it's fun... but when it becomes stressful trying to keep up, then I guess it isn't fun anymore.

But then, I found out the other day that theStudio is celebrating their 4th year anniversary and as part of their celebration, they are hosting another layout artist contest. I joined their layout artist contest last year and I had so much fun learning new things. I just had to do it again so I am making an exception to my break :)
This is the first week of the Layout Artist Contest and deadline for submission is still on Saturday (April 6, 2013) so you have time in case you want to join to. The challenge for this week is simple: create a layout using the mini-kit they provided. 

When I saw the wordart "beach bum at heart" I immediately knew which photo to use.

That photo was taken when Andrea was only a few months old. We took her to the beach and she fell asleep on her bouncer while we were setting up our picnic table :)

Ahhh... memories.
Anyway, can't wait for the Week 2 challenge! :)

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